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Why traffic in Namma Bengaluru is the best in the world!

Before all you Bengaluru residents kill me for the article heading, read on! I can’t assure you relief from traffic but seriously – I feel for you!

1. You needn’t go anywhere to learn how to be patient.  Half your life will be spent in traffic and that’s how you learn it! P.S :  On second thoughts you might even end up becoming A patient.

2. You might know all the languages in the world and may also know how to speak it in the most refined manner.  However the traffic in Bangalore will teach you something else. The language called- !@#$%*&^%! (censored for obvious reasons!)
3. Google maps is no longer your best friend.  You learn that the time taken is actually inversely proportional to what is shown.  Also you would prefer to take some other route that you discovered.

4. All your plans of saving to buy that latest phone, laptop, dslr have been dropped.  Now all you want is a helicopter! Where can one find one?!
5. You become buddies with the traffic cops. Honestly speaking these peopl…
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A foodie is someone who goes beyond just putting food into his or her mouth.  Foodies don’t judge people based on their eating habits, simply because they are too concerned about their own food to even care.  Technically speaking a foodie is someone who breathes, relishes, feels, celebrates and then eats food.   That’s the difference between a foodie and someone who just likes to eat.  The same difference between someone who owns a DSLR  and someone who actually has a sense of photography.
  As for me, when I see food, I go eeeeeeee!
So the next time you think you’ve spotted a foodie and sincerely wondering which category he or she may fall in, this checklist might help.
·Menu cards are souvenirs for them.·Their eyes light up if someone recommends a dish they find worthy of having.·While others are ready to gulp down the first thing that appears on their plate, foodies  analyse the texture, preparation and presentation.·They feel compelled to share their knowledge about a certain dish e…

“We Can Do It”!

‘We Can Do It’ is an American wartime propaganda poster that was used to promote feminism and other political issues. The poster shows a lady who is dressed in a masculine style and is slightly muscular. However she celebrates being a woman with her painted finger nails and high eyelashes.  ‘We Can Do It’ depicts a woman during an era where women empowerment and gender transformation occurred. Women were a vital part in their contribution everywhere, collaborating in every possible way. 
Image credits :Wikipedia
J. Howard Miller, an artist was hired to make posters supporting the war effort in 1942.  Originally this poster had no intention of supporting women’s rights.  In fact it was created to keep production up by boosting the self- esteem of women.  This poster in later years has become one of the most famous icons of World War II.  Females responded enthusiastically to this poster and the number of working American women increased by 63% by 1944.
As women were encouraged to take war…

Is obsession with gold among Indians justified?

Long, long ago somewhere far away in rural India a little boy was reprimanded for having stolen some money from his mother's purse.  The boy ran away from home and ended up in front of a palace's gates.  He asked the guards whether he could find some work there.  The guards said yes, however he wouldn't be paid but offered food as compensation.
The boy who was famished by now thought it to be a good deal.  He cleaned pots, pans and did odd jobs.  The palace officials were pretty impressed with his sincerity and hard work.  They gave him food and asked him what else would he like in return for his work.  He requested a small metal pot that he had seen in the kitchen.   Though he was ridiculed at this strange request, the clever boy insisted on keeping it as the pot was made of pure solid gold, which he promptly sold for a hefty sum!
Since time immemorial numerous stories of gold trade have filled Indian history books.  This easy-way-to-be rich opportunity is still prevalent …

For Self or a Selfie?

The Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year for 2013 was 'selfie’. No points for guessing why.
Carol had a unique hobby. She liked capturing different images of the sky.  While she was on a solo road trip, she decided to click one such photograph.  However this one turned out to be a selfie.  Little did she know that a small adventure awaited her.  As she was clicking her photograph with the sky as the backdrop, two men stopped by on a bike, one jumped into Carol’s car and both of them sped away.  It all happened in a fraction of a second!
Carol used her presence of mind and checked her picture.  She had actually captured the two crooks in her selfie!  Tracking the men wasn’t tough and she got back her car- A classic example of how a selfie can save us!
But all is not lways well with a selfie.  Just like there are two sides of the same coin, a selfie too has a good and bad side attached to it.
Just a few years back before setting out on a trip one would ensure that the c…

Think Global but Eat Local

TheurbanpopulationinIndiahascutdownonliterallyeverythingfromtheirdietespecially sugar,ghee,oil,carbs.Littledotheyknowthatit comesasapackage:Aslowcutdownof nutrients,vitamins,essentialminerals.Evenhair,skintoneandenergylevel!


Ofcourseeatingidliandchutney,pohaorparathadoesnotsoundhalfascoolaseating salads,souporoats.Packaged,ready­madefoodhaveallbeenadvertisedashealthy. Theyhavebeenmarketedundervariousbrandnames.It isbutofcourseagimmick.One seasontheaislesofsupermarketswillbefilledwithpacketsofwheatbasedcereal.The nextseasonit wouldbeglutenfreefollowedbysupernutritioussugarfreecereal.A consumerwhohasbeendyingtolosesomeweightgetsconfused.Sheimmediately approachesadietitianwhoplaysalongwithhermind.Theendresult: Thepocketsof dietitiansandnutritionistskeepgettingwideralongwiththewaistlineofeveryaverage Indian.


Gone are those days of green and blue Where everything was cured by nature Just inhaling the fresh air could cure the flu And age we did, much later.
Walking past the countryside To visit Grandma dearest Knitting the mittens, she took us for a ride To her farmhouse which was nearest.
But today Grandma is forced to visit All of us in the city For gone are those days, we all miss it When we gathered for New Years & a cup of tea.
Poor Grandma has to confine herself Between these walls that are lifeless All she sees are shelves and shelves The smoke outside & never- ending mess.
 She looks at buildings that keep going up She counts the number of floors She wonders if the buildings erupt Will we escape through the backdoor?
Poor Grandma doesn’t know Inside are people who work Day in and day out even during snow Dreaming of money and perks
The light inside these buildings show The life of a city monger The poor fellow himself doesn’t know Whether he is happy or not to be here
As t…