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Today morning while I was leaving for work, a lady asked me to wait for her to enter the lift before closing it as she had to lock the door of her house. However I had already pressed the button to go downstairs and before I knew it I had reached the basement. I felt as though I had snubbed her request and waited till she reached the basement. I thought it was necessary to apologize. When she arrived I quickly told her a sorry and headed outside. She had a puzzled expression on her face and asked” You waited all this while just to say sorry?” I said “Yes, actually I didn’t mean to press the button. “ She said it was alright and that I didn’t have to wait.
Her puzzled expression kept me thinking. These days courtesy is taken for granted or rather to say our hectic , super- sonic paced life has made us ignore the importance of being courteous. Nowadays  I feel people feel glad rather than guilty if they cut the line , save a minute or two and complete their task. But honestly speaking a courteous gesture gives a heavenly feeling. It really makes one’s day. I’m not talking about the person one has been polite to, but oneself. When you get what you want by being rude probably you’ve achieved something. But it doesn’t end there. You earn a lot more. -the hatred of people, a rotten feeling that creeps into you at some part of the day.
A few days back when I was at the badminton court, a young boy who comes there to play too called out to me just when I was about to leave and said “ Didi I just noticed your racquet’s grip. It has worn out and you’ll injure your hand if you continue to play with it. I can give you a grip for your racquet. I have a spare one”
I was pleasantly surprised and thanked him. I told him I have another one and that I was just putting off replacing the grip.
The little boy’s gesture initially surprised me. First I wondered why would anyone arbitly offer to help ? But I shunned away the thought. Come on! Being courteous should be a way of life, why am I being so critical and inquisitive here? What’s wrong in being nice even if it is to a stranger?
I’ve often found people call those who are nice to everyone “plain weird”. Well if someone is being unusually nice or ‘too sweet – to – be true” that should be given thought. However if someone is genuinely nice at all times , it might just be his nature to be so. Why do an open heart surgery on people’s good character too??
I would rather smile and spread happiness around. It’ll make me light – hearted and I’m sure its contagious. Hopefully others’ smiles are infectious too and I don’t mind acquiring that infectionJ


  1. "I’ve often found people call those who are nice to everyone “plain weird”" \m/ Courtesy is a penance. On the downside its mostly a one way streak!! Like this famous couplet says !! It has nowadays become a Utopian trait :(

  2. Etiquette quality analysis successfully investigated in this annotation. Good work. Keep it up. God Bless You.


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