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There is a proverb which says, " If you wear nice shoes you enter a nice place”.  

Upon entering the Professional products division (PPD) in L’Oréal one is automatically  taken into a world filled with sophistication and energy. Over here everyone is busy, but not the typical busy used while quoting monotony. This kind of atmosphere is the one that anyone would long for.

Energetic- Everyone is always joking or pulling each other’s leg and at the same time working on the most important issues. Be it from a product launch to getting a campaign running, from organising meetings to sourcing products , no one let’s go off themselves and a  balance is seen everywhere.

In the Professional Products division, various brands function in different ways, however they all come under the same roof. Matrix, L’Oréal Professionnel, Cheryl’s rank themselves differently while Kérastase and Kéraskin comes under super luxury.

The Professional Products Technical Centre is a treat to see.  The academy has the world’s best hairdressers and the best amenities.

The functioning of PPD is mainly through education where hair stylists and trainers are trained and sessions are conducted to update them regarding products, new launches etc.

One will be mesmerised by the equipment and functioning of the technical centre!

I got myself treated to a ritual, hair colour, shampoo, blow dry several times. It was indeed a treat to be a hair model! The care and effort put in is absolutely remarkable.

Having said that, being an intern in PPD and working for a luxury brand like  Kérastase made me wonder and ponder about different ways in which products can be marketed. It is not every day that one gets this lifetime opportunity and I must say I shall cherish the experience forever!

It has just been 2 days since I bid adieu to everyone at L’Oréal and  I’m already missing it!

THANK YOU LORÉAL-– For everything!
These two months have been a perfect blend of fun and learning and I enjoyed every moment !

                                                     YES, I AM A LORÉAL INTERN :)


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