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Our Captain, Our Hero!

I pull your rosy cheeks to see
How far you can tolerate me

From the day I was born you ran around
To see to it that am safe & sound

You try to act cool in times of stress
But we know how much you huddle in yr chest

I wonder how you do all that you do
All these years and still fresh like the dew

You are a miracle sent by God
To watch us with an eye that never flawed

How are you so perfect? How are you so alert?
You never ever tire, you never seem to divert

The sweat on your bro, the soil underneath your shoe
I salute you Daddy, there can be none like you

Heroes come and heroes go
But  there is only one to whom I  shall bow

That is you my dearest Daddy
Always cheerful and happy

The undisputed Captain of our eternally sailing ship
Your elegance and persona can make anyone flip!

Dearest Daddy

I don't need a special day to mention what an extraordinary human being you are. You are my guardian angel , the sole reason I feel so safe and secure always. In this world if I have enriched myself with sensible and ever lasting lessons, it's only because of you. 

Your wisdom can never be matched , neither can your experiences and humilty.
I salute you always with infinite respect and admiration and will continue to do so my dearest Daddy

You are my guiding light, my unparalleled Hero!

-Sharika molu


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